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Biometric software security systems are becoming a choice solution for organizations that wan to cut costs and improve security levels. Organizations are confronted with choices about how to best manage access levels, maintain security, improve productivity and eliminate costly system and worker downtime. In the past, manual system maintenance and processing can create bottlenecks and consume valuable administrative time. Biometric security applications eliminate the need for manual intervention and permit organizations to redeploy capital and workers to core business goals and objectives.

Consider an organization that uses password access levels for network security, building access and resource usage. Forgotten passwords and the sharing of passwords can present several organizational challenges. The frequent loss of passwords can be an administrative headache for system processes that are password dependent. An example of this is an educational institution that has students that frequently forget or share password access. Case studies indicate that this can be a serious problem for schools that use this method with small children. Biometric security applications can solve this problem by providing fingerprint reading solutions.

Biometric application devices add an additional level of authentication to existing system processes. Fingerprint technology, iris and retinal scans, hand geometry and facial recognition technology are frequently used by health care organizations to double up security access levels. In the past, health care workers have been plagued by system hacking attacks and password exploitation by malicious third parties who have gained access to commercially sensitive data. Biometric security applications add an additional security layer by integrating conventional password access with point of access biometric scanning. This is particularly important for organizations that can suffer commercial loss as a result of a compromise in data integrity.

Biometric voice security applications are also frequently used in call centers or organizations that need to maintain flexibility and security over mobile applications. Traditional software security systems that rely on passwords or security tokens are susceptible to password breaches. Using voice recognition or fingerprint scanning provides database matching and authentication of the end user. This insulates the host company from lost, shared and misplaced password or pin number details that can fall into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

In the past, biometric application technology was considered cost prohibitive. With advances in technology and economy of scale, biometric security applications are now becoming more commonplace in society in traditional businesses. In the years to come, with the increasing digitization of enterprises, it is relatively safe to say that this trend is likely to continue.

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