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Using A Biometric Clock To Improve Employee Management

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One of the prime areas of concern for an organization is to keep track of its employees official work sign on and sign off. Tracking when an employee enters or leaves the office is very important for performance and pay determination. Biometric clocks are amongst the best solutions an organization can opt for to reduce administrative costs and integrate seamlessly into an organizations payroll system.

A Biometric time clock is an automated device that accounts for the starting and finishing time of an employee. In some organizations, however, punch cards are still in use to provide information about employee movements. With the advancement of technology, biometric clocks have become a popular and cost effective alternative for organizations that are looking for an efficient solution.

Biometric clocks are efficient systems that can reduce errors. To record employee data, an individual does not need to carry a card or token. It also restricts individuals from exploiting proxy punching. Biometric fingerprint time clocks are convenient for reducing time consuming tasks such as retrieving lost passwords and pin numbers and to improve employee accountability by centrally verifying access points.

To process the timing in a biometric clock an individual needs to enter 1-9 digit PIN number duly allotted to him. After entering the PIN number, he is required to place his/her hand on the plate of the clock. A green light and beep signifies a successful punch. Biometric clocks are used in many organizations and businesses for their accuracy. The prime purpose of having a biometric clock is to curb labor costs and track the payroll of the organization. Biometric time clock systems have proven to decrease the frequency of latecomers and reduce absenteeism.

Moreover, biometric clocks can also be used as a security precaution to limit access to a building or control a high security area. A Biometric clock creates a digital record of employees to determine who had access to a particular area or equipment and when. With the help of biometric clocks, organizations can reduce the need for additional personnel to manage highly sensitive data or secure facilities.

Biometric punch clocks are being used by many different types of organizations and can be integrated above and beyond time clock recording. In fact, some organizations such as schools use these systems to track attendance, monitor library borrowing and record payments made in the cafeteria.

Biometric clocks can be used in organizations of all sizes. These systems are scalable and once tested, can be implemented on a large scale basis. In the past, biometric clocks were considered cost prohibitive for organizations. Now, thanks to improvement sin technology and scalable production, these devices are becoming common place in all types of businesses whether large or small.

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