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Biometric Entry

In recent years, biometrics have been integrated in mainstream control and security systems. More organizations are discovering the benefits of using biometric systems to improve security, raise productivity and reduce costs. One of the frequently used biometric applications is a biometric entry device. Biometric entry is a device attached to the door which verifies an individual before allowing him entry.

These biometric entry systems are designed to restrict people to gain unwanted access to a particular area. These systems are highly sophisticated and accurate. They keep proper checks on the entries and exits of individuals and report their movements. Biometric data is collected through a hardware reading device, translated into electronic format and verified through a centralized database matching system.

Biometric entry is used for effective supervision and to secure premises. These systems are commonly used by banks, casinos, immigration related border security departments and also by airport authorities. They are an effective means of monitoring and recording employee access points because biometric data is a unique signature that cannot be copied or used, unlike passwords and pin numbers.

The capacity of a biometric entry system depends solely upon the requirement of the organization. Biometric entry systems can store data ranging form 10 to 3000 individuals and are available as a standard purchase or can be built to custom requirements. The speed of these systems depends on the processing power of the system. The suitability of these devices depends on the individual needs of the organization. In some cases, biometric fingerprint entry is most appropriate such as schools. In environments where hygiene is important, retinal scanners or face reading technology may be more fitting.

Biometric entry systems have transformed the way companies do business by eliminating the need for keys to open doors, grant passwords or issue pin numbers. This has also reduced the need for administrative personnel and archiving and retrieval systems. Earlier, usage of these systems was limited but breakthroughs in technology and economy of scale have opened up access to this technology to businesses who traditionally could not afford this technology.

Biometric entry systems are designed in accordance with organizational requirements. Companies that specialize in biometric access control entry are equipped to assess the needs of the organization and design systems appropriately. Before selecting a solution it is important to investigate the options. Qualified company personnel can introduce specialized solutions that you may not have initially considered. In the years to come, these devices are expected to increase in prominence as more businesses discover the benefits of using biometric entry devices.

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