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Biometric Hardware - An Essential Component Of Security Systems

Biometric Hardware

Biometric hardware and software go together to complete the biometric access control system. Biometric hardware solutions assist by capturing data for recognition processing. Finger print recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition and smart card hardware or biometric reading devices form the interface bridge to supply data to software processing systems that match the data with security details stored in an internal database. This allows companies to manage access points and control information flows without the need to issue security passwords or pin numbers. This greatly reduces the need for personnel to administer access levels and deal with lost passwords or forgotten details.

Biometric access control hardware confers many benefits on organizations including: improving employee productivity, managing information effectively and efficiently and automating and improving enterprise processes. In the past, biometric authentification hardware has traditionally been associated with high security establishments and considered cost prohibitive. These devices are now becoming more mainstream and everyday businesses including restaurants, schools, and retail establishments are making use of biometric hardware.

Types of Biometric Hardware:

Finger print recognition hardware: These devices are used as part of security solutions under the following circumstances: For use with door lock applications to control access to sensitive data, safes, to gain network access control, for logging time attendance, controlling access to security grade or restricted access areas and to maintain integrity on highly sensitive data maintenance zones. Biometric hardware is also used for document management, workstation login and as part of document security systems.

Facial Recognition Biometric Hardware: Facial recognition uses heat signatures for commercial application in public buildings, casinos, airports, shopping malls and town centers. Advanced uses include integration with mobile and wireless applications.

Iris recognition biometric hardware: Sophisticated iris recognition devices speed up processing and improve organizational productivity. Biometric iris hardware is used in a diverse range of industries for employment or licensing screening. This technology is used in commercial application for lottery employees, public transportation workers, school employees, nursing home employees, airport security and casino environments.

Voice recognition biometric hardware is useful for remote access, telephone based transactions and use in call center application. This technology can provide a safeguard for identity theft and is used in sophisticated algorithm based applications.

Smart card biometric hardware: Smart cards store biometric data and can be used across multiple applications. This can include access to restricted areas or to record monetary transactions. School and library systems frequently make use of smart card hardware for monitoring and recording activity.

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