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With the invention of sophisticated technologies, organizations are now able to increase their security levels. The security of laptops is always a prime concern for all organizations. The data stored in these laptops is highly confidential and any unauthorized delivery of data to an outsider can sabotage the operations and growth of the organization. To avoid these situations, organizations use biometric laptops to keep the data secure and to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

A laptop is a personal computer and is carried by its owner to various places. At times, it is possible that the laptop is used by his/her friends and office counterparts. This exposes a company to potential information leaks or theft of sensitive or proprietary information stored in the laptop. The use of a biometric laptop is a security precaution to prevent the sharing of notebooks with unauthorized individuals.

For biometric laptops, a fingerprint scanning device is attached which scans the fingerprint of the user prior to granting security clearance. Once this scanner is installed on the laptop it is configured to read the fingerprints and digitally encode the information. This identity data is then stored in a database which is later used for matching and verification purposes. This scanner serves as a security barrier and allows only genuine persons who have been registered to use the laptop.

Biometric laptops are ideal for organizations that have revolving personnel who frequently require access to portable computing equipment. if more than one person uses the same laptop, biometric laptop security can be installed and calibrated to serve the needs of an entire department of end users. The data of all users is stored in separate files and the security of the laptop serves to prohibit access to individuals who do not have the required security clearance. This is particularly important for companies engaged in business processes where commercially sensitive information or data poses a risk if it falls into unintended hands.

Biometric notebooks also minimize potential damage that can result if the computer is lost or stolen. The frequent movement of company property exposes an organizational to these potential instances. A fingerprint laptop can bring peace of mind should an unfortunate event occur.

For companies where security and peace of mind are of utmost importance, a biometric laptop can be an investment worth considering. With the built in security provided by these devices, once they are setup they require minimal monitoring which can save time and money on backend administrative processes.

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