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Improving Security And Access With A Biometric Mouse

Biometric Mouse

Considering security issues and taking steps to prevent breaches are two different things. Organizations are consistently looking for new and effective measures to enhance security. A Biometric mouse is a relatively new development in the field of security. A Biometric mouse works like a personal password and provides one touch access to all password based programs. It acts as an effective barrier to entry for the unauthorized use or access to sensitive digital information or programs

A Biometric fingerprint mouse comes with an inbuilt scanner which identifies the user and grants access to programs or computer terminals. The setup process involves taking the fingerprint samples of individuals that have obtained prior permission to work on a particular computer. The information form your fingerprints is digitally encoded and stored in the memory of the mouse. A normal mouse can store information for up to 20 users. When a person accesses a terminal, the information from the mouse is verified against the stored fingerprints.

A fingerprint reader mouse is useful for windows based systems and for auto web logins. It is also useful for the effective encryption and decryption of relevant information. It works as a lock for your computer which can only be unlocked by your fingerprints. It is able to work on all kinds of surfaces and is designed to be comfortable for the end user.

The most commonly used biometric mouses are the APC Biometric Mouse, iOne Lynx L4 Fingerprint Biometric Optical Mouse, and Optimouse 3.

The idea behind the introduction of a biometric mouse is simple and practical. To secure information from different users and to provide access to information for genuine users. Conventional password and pin number access systems require administration and retrieval in the event that the end user loser his/her details. A Biometric fingerprint reader mouse can reduce the time involved in establishing and maintaining administration procedures.

One thing people need to be aware of is that not all biometric mouses are compatible with certain software programs. It is important to check their compatibility for effective use. Biometric mouse are easily available for Windows 98, NT Workstation and Windows 2000. You should discuss any concerns with the vendor prior to making a purchase.

A Biometric mouse is a highly reliable device and you need not worry about your computers security after its application. These devices also integrate seamlessly with computer based processes and can improve productivity and reduce costs.

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