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The use of biometrics is rapidly increasing in our life and this branch of science is becoming a sought after solution for security control. A Biometric safe is an effective device to secure your precious belongings. A biometric safe is capable of controlling access to personal and important possessions and to keep them safe and out of unwanted hands.

Biometric safes are highly sophisticated and compatible. A biometric safe can be opened only with your unique fingerprint. Therefore, it eradicates the need for carrying keys, access cards or any other pin number codes. A normal biometric safe can store 30 to 50 different fingerprints and provides a safeguard against unauthorized personnel. There are other devices which make used of biometric sensors which can store up to 250 fingerprints. The advantages of biometric access safes are that once they are set up, you do not need to worry about keys, passwords or pin numbers. This is convenient for organizations that require secure solutions to store valuable possessions and as a monitoring mechanism. This can eliminate the need to maintain arduous administrative processes.

Moreover, a biometric safe can be small in size and mobile. Therefore, it is very easy for people to keep the safe and move it around. These biometric fingerprint safes are ideal home security products for maintaining jewelry, stocks, currency, bonds, passports and other important documents. In some cases, such as gun control, biometric gun safes are a great solution to keep firearms secure.

The process of operating a biometric safe is a seamless and simple process. It begins with the collection of fingerprints from individuals who will be granted access followed by the conversion of the data into digital templates. This establishes a unique identity for the individual which is stored in the database within the memory chip.

To open the safe, an enrolled person needs to put his finger on the fingerprint scanning device. The scanner collects his unique template and matches it with the samples stored in the database. After the person is identified as legitimate, access to the safe is granted. The whole process takes only a single second or even less depending upon the capacity of the system employed. Biometric safes add new dimensions to your personal security and are perfect for your office and home. They are available in various styles and price range. The most commonly used biometric safes are Biovault Biometric Fingerprint Safe, BioAxxis\'ae S2500, Sensor Biometric Safe.

Due to the accuracy and reliability, a biometric safe has become a must have for organizations and individuals. It provides timeless access to authorized people and is an efficient solution for securing your valuable possessions.

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