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How Biometric Scanners Are Used In Security Systems

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When it comes to great security measures and the effective identification of an individual, organizations have discovered the advantages and versatility of biometric scanner based systems. Biometric scanners are the most efficient way to allot different and unique identities to authorized individuals. Biometric scanners reduce the task of remembering passwords or pin numbers and increase the security of the organization. They provide a way to control access to secure areas or important information.

Biometric fingerprint scanners can be used by an individual to log onto his/her computer. A biometric scanner collects the information by reading the physical characteristics under the skin of an individual. It eliminates the chances of incorrect or unauthorized data collection by storing these details in a centralized database and then matching the data collected at the system access points.

Biometric scanners are very useful for keeping time and attendance records and for other important access control systems. A Biometric scanner is a timeliness device and does not require much effort for an individual to use. It is also the mainstay for some organizations which solely depend on these scanners to perform their operations efficiently. And in last few years their importance has increased in mainstream business organizations.

There are two basic functions that a scanner is supposed to perform: to capture the image of the finger and to verify whether the ridges and valleys of the image are the same as that which is stored in the database. The most commonly used biometric scanners are biometric eye scanners and a capacitance scanner. Scanners are considered more secure than card identification or password based access because they can be shared or stolen and fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel.

Biometric scanners are highly sophisticated devices and organizational expectations are very high. The various purposes that a biometric scanner is expected to perform are:

(i)To recognize and identify an individual who has been granted security clearance

(ii) To give access to important data, equipment or secure areas to individuals having permitted entry

(iii) To record the work timings of individuals

(iv)To record the attendance of individuals

Factors that organizations consider when looking at biometric scanning solutions include:

(1)The environment of the organization and whether it requires different security levels

(2) The purpose of the scanner; it could be time for time consideration, security or for organizations such as libraries and schools to record data or transactions

(3) The efficiency of the system to provide correct and prompt results.

(4) The degree of reliability an organization has on its staff and its objectives to enforce accountability.

Biometric scanners can be use effectively to improve security whilst reducing arduous and repetitive administrative tasks.

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