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Biometric Software Development

Biometric software development is part of the services offered by biometric software companies. Biometric system development is increasingly seen as a cost effective solution for improving security and reducing system costs. In the past, biometric software development was seen as a high end solution for organizations that needed to protect highly sensitive data. The cost of development was often prohibitive for organizations that wanted to take advantage of this technology but could not afford to do so. Changes in technology and economy of scale have meant that biometric software system development is now more affordable for companies with smaller development budgets.

Biometric software development is used for custom system design and in the use of embedded software chips. Embedded software chips are frequently used in mobile, wireless and smart card applications for security and transaction purposes. Security companies, transportation companies, computer and technology companies and electronic devices companies make use of embedded software chips in their applications.

Biometric software development kits can also be purchased by developers who are undertaking biometric based projects. These kits comprise highly advanced fingerprint scanning devices, smart cards and software libraries. Source code, training manuals and demonstration applications are provided. Developers can use these kits to develop high security commercial applications. The ACS company provides a range of solutions in this regard. Application kits include: ADT60 BioSIMKey SDK Kit, AET60 BioCARDKey SDK and AET63 BioTRUSTKey SDK. You can research these solutions through the web and select the kit that is most appropriate for your project.

Biometric solution development encompasses software that interfaces with fingerprint recognition applications that function through USB port fingerprint scanners. The functions provided by these kits include: capturing the fingerprint, extracting data, enrolling the fingerprint, verifying the fingerprint, identifying the fingerprint and establishing the device and security settings. Software can be developed and configured to suit a wide range of applications. Biometric software development companies specialize in planning, evaluation, developing and implementing solutions that suit the needs of organizations.

Biometric software development solutions are used in a diverse range of commercial applications including: pc/network login, employee management, software and workstation login, smart card integration, data security, web based remote logins and transaction management. They provide an additional security layer that exceeds that offered by standard password access. In some organizations where data integrity is crucial, biometric software solutions have enabled organizations to eliminate the problems that were encountered with standard password access. This is particularly important to companies where the loss of data can result in large commercial loss.

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