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Biometric Technology And Its Use As An Authentication Mechanism

Biometric Technology

With the increase in the use of technology, many new developments have arisen in personal and corporate security. Biometric technology, which is used to identify certain features of an individual's body, is one of the latest approaches to shoring up security.

The word biometric is formed from two Greek words, namely bios and metric. These two words mean life and measurement respectively. This provides a historical perspective on where the term originated from.

Biometric technology is used for the identification of specific unique characteristics of a living person. These measurable characteristics include: gender, race, hair color, handwritten signatures, fingerprints, voice characteristics, embedded bar codes, DNA patterns, and retinal scans. Data for integrated biometric technology utilizes microchips, brands and transponders to store and process biometric information.

Biometric technology uses automated methods to verify and recognize the identity of a human being on the basis of behavioral or physiological characteristics. The use of these automated methods refers to the processes that are associated with this technology. The first step is a mechanism that is used to scan as well as capture an analog and digital image of the living person. The second step involves the compression, processing, and then comparison of an image with the database version of the stored image. The last step is to interface with the applications system.

Depending upon the biometrics device and biometric application, all these three steps can be configured in various different topographies.

The use of biometric security technology on living persons is an important distinction to make. This differentiates biometric technology from forensic technology. Biometric devices have certain inbuilt algorithms, which determine whether the required live characteristic is present or not.

Biometric technology is emerging as an effective technology for authentication and security purposes. For this reason, it has proved to be a promising technology which has found an important place in many hi-tech security areas. Biometric fingerprint technology is used in a wide variety of companies to control access to resources and to record data on individual movements.

However, there are many people who automatically associate biometric technology with high cost applications. This is not necessarily the case since economy of scale and the reduced cost of production has resulted in cost effective biometric security technology manufacture and application.

Cost effective biometric solutions include the day-to-day usage of biometric technology in a diverse range of organizations ranging from schools to airport and transportation companies. This technology has been used in biometric time recording and attendance systems. These systems have helped companies to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve security and increase the accountability of personnel.

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