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Commercial Uses For Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

Sophisticated technology is becoming an integral part of many organizations. Companies are leveraging technology to improve security, improve productivity and save on costs. Facial recognition technology is one such device that is growing in corporate application.

It is being used to effectively control and monitor security areas, keep track of staff and police entry and exit points to buildings. Facial recognition technology is a software based device which is used to identify and verify an individual using the digital analysis of his face. It collects the digital information of a person by reading the heat signatures and facial symmetry of the individual and matches that information with a database to authenticate the individual. Facial recognition technology is primarily security designed software and is used heavily by casinos, banks, airport and railway stations and police departments to identify to monitor, screen and identify individuals.

Facial recognition technology relies on the fact that every face has several distinguishable features and no two faces have similar structure. Facial recognition systems depend on the following nodal points of the face to perform identification analysis: Distance between the eyes: Width, size and the shape of the nose, eye socket depth and the shape of cheekbones and length of the jaw line.

Facial recognition normally includes only two parts such as face recognition and face identification. But the process of facial recognition works in five steps as follows:

(a) Capturing the image of the individual.

(b) Finding the captured image in the database.

(c) Extract features to generate templates.

(d) Comparing the templates.

(e) Declare whether there is a match or not.

Organizations that opt for face recognition technology do not need to provide any specific training to its employees. This technology is people oriented and easy to use. It is also an economical device in comparison to other biometric systems. Facial recognition technology restricts unwanted actions of individuals and secures sensitive areas. This technology is an ideal hands free alternative to carrying pin numbers and passwords.

The use of facial recognition software restricts professional access to certain activities and establishes a proper work flow of activities for authorized personnel. This can include access to equipment, technology, records or data sensitive areas. For example, to control activities or to fix a problem in a high security computer network, only permitted personnel are granted access to equipment for maintenance and monitoring purposes.

Facial recognition technology is improving and becoming more affordable for businesses in a diverse range of industries. It is expected that this technology will continue to experience growth into the future as more companies recognize the benefits of using this technology.

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