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Smart card software provides a convenient and secure mechanism to grant permissions and access levels for use on a portable card. The only access to these cards is through the operating system which performs a set of functions such as authentication and encryption. Businesses can use these solutions to create versatile solutions based on what the end user pays for. Smart cards are essentially a portable device that communicates with reader devices to gain access to a device or network. Usually, smart cards are either plugged into the reading device or operate using radio frequency technology. Interfacing occurs for the purposes of identification and a mismatch of exchange serves as a security precaution to defend against unauthorized use. They have security advantages in this respect for safeguarding lost cards.

Smart cards are used as a security measure and to facilitate transactions in a variety of different industries for the express purposes of customer relationship management, mobile application, loyalty programs, electronic cash, access control, transportation automatic fare collection and campus control. Smart card login software comprises part of secure solutions for banking transactions, mobile payments, as copy protection for software and for use in fleet management to track the service the repair of vehicles. Loyalty cards frequently make use of smart card reading software. Casinos are a practical example where gaming turnover is recorded for the purposes of tracking individual play and allocating complimentary vouchers associated with food and beverage.

Companies are using smart card software to encode cards for the purposes of maintaining security access and authenticating access to information systems. This is an alternative solution to maintaining password policies and the systems required to operate them. When employees are frequently forgetting password details, smart cards act like a set of car keys. If you are unable to access the building, purchase lunch or check out equipment, they take on greater significance as a centralized and important part of company operations and culture. As a seamless solution across integrated business units, smart cards are proving to be a superior management and reporting tool for the purposes of maintaining company systems.

Smart cards and smart card software is used extensively in telephone networks across Europe. With the ability to incorporate online authentication, they are a viable alternative for the use with telephone infrastructure that is prohibitively expensive for confirmation purposes. They are also used in mobile phone networks for granting access rights and privileges for networks.

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